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"Who Else Wants the Secret Weapon
Used to Win the Advertising War

Find out how to stay on the leading edge of advertising technology that will catapult your sales, affiliate commissions and subscriptions.

Banners are dead...
People are numb to regular ads...
Most popups and unders are blocked!

Most popup windows are never displayed.  They're being blocked, destroying their effectiveness.  DHTML popups sometimes work but they block the mouth watering information that your web visitor wants to read.  Banners are dead. 

So what do you do now?

Why doesn't someone create something innovative that anyone can use with no programming skills? 

Introducing Ad Peeler!

As you read this web page you'll find out how easy it is to regain control while making visitors and search engines happy.  The more you grasp the simplicity of this secret weapon the more you'll realize just how much you need it's power.

Date: August 28th, 2006
Dorel Nechifor

Dear Internet Marketer,

Unless you stay on the leading edge of advertising technology, you'll continue losing money.  Internet advertising technology moves quickly.  Technologies only last a short time before they become obsolete.  The quicker you move, the more money you make because that's the nature of business.

People have become numb to regular popups. Most popup windows are never displayed.  They're being blocked, destroying their effectiveness.  DHTML popups sometimes work but they block the mouth watering information that your web visitor wants to read.  Banners are dead.  Why doesn't someone create something innovative that will help us do simple internet marketing?



I have used Ad Peeler on my site and it increased my sales ratio immediately!  It was so easy to do too.  I just did a simple copy and paste and it was done.  I showed it to some fellow colleagues and the first thing they said was "WOW WHERE CAN I GET THAT!"

Peter Wolfing

Obviously, most overrated advertising methods are just annoying.  Web visitors have matured and everyone's brain just ignores them as one more commercial.  Conventional advertising methods are dying out and you need better solutions for promoting your product.  You need something new that captures the visitor's eye and holds their interest enough to get them to read your copy

Good commercials gets watched.  We may laugh at them or be moved emotionally.  We all remember those unforgettable commercials we grew up with that helped to define our society.  Clearly, commercials that entertain have the ability to bypass our brain's sales pitch filter and embed themselves into our hearts.

Web visitors have installed all kinds of popup blockers.  Now popup blockers even come included as part of the operating systems.  Internet marketers have steadily lost control of their marketing campaigns to Search Engine dictatorship.  Search engine's penalize websites for using popups, popunders, or popovers. 

Just when a revolution in marketing is essential,
a revolutionary secret weapon has been created. 

If I could show you how to instantly regain control of your marketing campaigns in one amazingly simple step would you be willing to take it? 


You did it again.  This is an incredible new tool!  This is a break-through technology that was so easy for me to use.  I did not have to install CGI scripts or CMOD settings.  Just copy and paste the code.  Done!  Totally original!

Despite Some Attempts No Real Solution Has Presented Itself

Nobody's come up with a spectacular way to entertain visitors while popping up information.  People don't like popups so they've looked for ways to block them.  They've become numb to the same old advertising tactics.  Search Engines don't like popups either and actively create ways to block them.  Have you ever clicked the block ad or close button on popups? 

This dilemma has gone unresolved because we all tend to think inside the box.  We usually just blindly follow the leader.  We gravitate to what's been done in the past.  We don’t' break out of our hopeless patterns into exciting new ways of approaching old problems.  Without a doubt, the more we mindlessly follow the pack the less money we make.

A few attempts have been made at producing new techniques to reach web visitors but most are short lived.  It's like we're in an advertising war.  One side invents a powerful way to present advertising then the other side finds a way to block it. 

It's time for you to launch your secret weapon...
Ad Peeler!

Would You Like To:
(Check whichever ones apply to you)

Get your ads seen?

Build bigger mailing lists?

Sell more products and services?

Sell more back end products?

Leave your competition in the dust?


How Your World Will Change With Ad Peeler

What if there were a way to utilize a product that everyone wants to use, to present your advertising?  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have each web visitor agree in advance to allow your advertising methods?  No more hassle with the other side.  Everyone wins.  You get to present your advertising.  Your customer wants to see your advertising.  The other side sees it as fair play.  It would be the greatest secret weapon yet in the internet marketer's endless war of advertising.

Ad Peeler is that secret weapon. 

It will capture and hold your visitors' attention while presenting an appealing way to entice them to read your information.  It will let you win the advertising war and leave your competition in the dust.  You'll be smiling all the way to the bank because you're making money in a business where everyone wins.

This new technology will place you on the leading competitive edge of internet marketing.  The unique peeling presentation will capture your visitor's attention and thrill them just like popups did when they first appeared.  Wouldn't you like to have been one of the first marketers to have used popups? 

Ad Peeler is the most original and unobtrusive presentation
of an advertisement in a web environment. 

The remarkable peeling action will literally pour across their page and drag their eyes back with it's retreat.  Undoubtedly, there simply is no better or more original way to present your products and services.

I guarantee the impact of your advertisement, and the way it's displayed, will absolutely grab your visitors' attention.  What will you do with the extra surge of money that Ad Peeler brings in next month?

Grab your favorite beverage and let me to show you my top reasons for you to invest in Ad Peeler rather than some other tool. 

  • Nothing will catch the eye better than our peeler.  Their eyes will be glued to your advertisement.

  • When they're reading your web site content and the page peels down, they'll notice. Of course they're going to click on it to see what in the world it is, in fact, that's why you're reading this page now.  This will motivate your readers to read every word of your advertising.

  • Get people who are numb to notice your ads.  This is high quality viral advertising that works.

  • Get people talking about your site and sending their friends to see the cool ad peeling feature.

  • It will make your site look classy, causing it to stand out in the cookie cutter world of web sites.

  • Use it to add more subscribers to your newsletters.  Using popups increases newsletter signups 50% - 60%.  Imagine how much that percentage will dramatically increase with Ad Peeler.

  • Ad Peeler will help produce more sales and click throughs, which translates into more money in your pocket.

  • You'll have full control over your marketing campaigns once again because search engines will only see another link, not a popup, popover, or popunder.

  • Ad Peeler is unblockable unless you uninstall the ability to use Flash.  Users who like Flash presentations will see your ads every time they visit your web site.  They must have flash installed on their system (which 95% do) in order to be able to see Ad Peeler.

  • The only way this technology will become obsolete is if Flash becomes obsolete which you and I know will not happen.

  • Anyone can install it in minutes and use it no matter what type of computer with no programming knowledge.  Just enter your Ad Peeler member area, add your graphic, copy your code then copy and paste the code on the page.  DONE!

The Secret Ingredient

Ad Peeler uses irresistible Flash technology.  Most of your web visitors will probably have Flash installed before they ever reach your site.  If not, they'll be prompted to install flash when your site begins to load.  This is the startling beauty of Ad Peeler.  By using technology that your web visitors already like because of its entertainment value, you'll be pleasing to every customer's eye.

Ad Peeler works with every browser that handles Flash technology properly.  It shakes visitors out of their numbness and launches them into a state of excited awareness.  Because Flash is unblockable you can now open new streams of profitable advertising.  Wouldn't you like to have every one of your web visitors looking at your ads?

We're talking about a  completely new way to offer advertising for your products and services.  A new technology and advertising technique that hasn't been seen before.  Not only will it give you a way to backend your products without annoying people, they'll actually think it's very cool when they see it.

You'll achieve a better impact with your advertisements and be able to create a secondary stream of income by adding Ad Peeler to any webpage.  This unobtrusive advertising technology will add extra streams of phenomenal profits to your river of prosperity.  It's obviously the marketer's greatest secret weapon because it works for everybody.  Everybody wins.

What Should You Do Now?

Ad Peeler is on the forefront of technology and can easily sell for $297 and up.  But I am introducing ad peeler to the public as a special introductory price of only $97  I may come to my senses at any time and raise the price and once it goes up you will lose the introductory price forever.

However, I will go even one step further...

Test Drive Ad Peeler Now
*56-Days Risk FREE

You'll have the next *56-days to experience all it has to offer.  I'm so confident that you'll love what you find that I can easily offer you a full refund in the unlikely event you decide Ad Peeler isn't for you.  No questions asked.  My guarantee is as good-as-gold.
*Valid according to Clickbank policy

Right Now Is The Time To Act

Earlier on I asked you if I could show you how to instantly regain control of your marketing campaigns in one amazingly simple step would you be willing to take it?  I also asked you if you'd like to have been one of the first marketers to have used popups?   

I'm assuming that since you've read all this you are interested in investing your time and money to achieve those goals we talked about earlier.  You wouldn't have read this far if you weren't.  Since you have the interest and there is absolutely no risk there is no reason to hesitate.

It's easy! Just click the "Own This Software" button below.  Sign up using the easy-to-follow steps on our secure service and you'll have access to everything in just a few minutes. It doesn't matter if it's 2AM!  Take a test drive today because you owe it to yourself to at least have a look.

Yes Dorel, I'd like to own Ad Peeler so I can start harnessing the power of flash technology and turn my web visitors into eager buyers today!

• I realize that I the price of $97 is a special introductory price but it is mine if I take action today. 

• I understand that this software has a 56 day money back guarantee.  I have 56 days to use Ad Peeler and if I don't love it, I can return it for a prompt and courteous refund.


Order now and get started generating more sales.
Instant access.  Even if it's 2 AM!

Now that you've read this article I'm sure you realize that Ad Peeler is your next step to a profitable future.  Trust your gut feelings and go for it! You'll be glad you did.


Dorel Nechifor

 (c) 2006 AdPeeler.com